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Over a Half Century of Quality, Service & People

Frank Fitts, Jr. Circa 1947
For over a half century the Fitts name has been associated with quality in the woodworking industry. Founded in 1947, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Frank Fitts, Jr., initiated a standard of fine craftsmanship and quality service as a manufacturer of precision wood components. His talents as a wood smith and his dedication to principle become a strong foundation for what Fitts Industries, Inc. has become today. More than 50 years later the current Fitts family operates on those same principles manufacturing some of the finest stair parts on the market. Our success is based on a vertically integrated structure that includes: the process and storage of green lumber, on site kiln drying operations, state of the art compu-rip operation, lathe and moulder operations and East Coast and West Coast warehousing facilities that effectively supply our customers. Fitts Industries’ mission is to be a world leader in the wood products industry. By committing to people, technology, and a never-ending process of improvement, we will provide our customers the highest level of quality and service.
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